Documenting is not easy, so we developed a wizard for caregivers to follow. Starting with a category, and a sub-category, and so forth. Each selection is “touch and tap,” resulting in a documentation narrative being put together. Each DocuLog ends with a place to add optional additional text/information; even if a staff member is not confident in their ability to document, they can still submit the basic facts quickly and efficiently.
Task management is a key component in documentation of services rendered. The DocuWhiz engine allows you to create routine tasks which generate a to-do task for caregivers each day, 3 times a week, annually, or anything in-between. These tasks can remind you of upcoming due dates, for example annual physicals. Do you have residents with specific needs, no problem, assign weekly bathing with a preferred caregiver, who is the only one that they’ll allow to help. Whatever the need, your caregivers will be grateful for a quick “tap” to show that task was completed. Additionally, enhanced with CareWhiz, an exported log can be generated with staff’s initials, showing the ADL task having been completed.
DocuLogs are the documentations your staff submits to you. (incident reports, chart notes, etc.) With the ability to filter the DocuLogs by your Care Recipient, Staff, Category, or view pending DocuLogs for review. Additionally, you can export DocuLogs by Care Recipient or Reporter within a specific time-frame and print them in PDF or a spreadsheet. Document anything and everything to establish patterns, to easily notify family and medical professionals about your observations and changes in health and behaviors.
Sharing your Care Recipient’s profiles with your staff enables them to view care plan information and easily find their medical professionals or other contacts, reminds them of allergies, or diagnosis, so they can pay attention to symptoms. From here, you can generate a clean Face Sheet to have on hand for surveys or for a 911 EMT Call. Enter due dates for future assessments, TB Tests or other data to be reminded of all your Care Recipients upcoming tasks. Easily activate your clients or mark them out of facility, which triggers tasks to be held until they return home to you.
Easily create DocuWhiz users: your caregivers or third party sign-ons. Create a team by floor, shift, or for the entire building. Teams will help you assign caregivers to the right tasks, and to the right Care Recipients. Staff profiles are extended under StaffWhiz to track staff due dates, such as annual trainings and TB Tests.
Your first view of recent DocuLogs and Tasks that are most current. From here, easily springboard into action to complete tasks or document within DocuWhiz.
Enter the companies you work with, home health and hospice agencies, DME companies, entertainers, primary doctors, etc. Then, attach the specific contact, with their direct email or cell, while not having to re-type the company main number or company fax. Save time in organizing contacts who may work for multiple agencies. Attach these contacts to your Care Recipients, for easy retrieval of those you have to share documentation with.
Similar to your vendors, keep your contacts – guardians, family members – all in one place. Open DocuWhiz on your mobile phone, click on your Care Recipient’s profile, and you can call the person you need. Being organized helps you expand your operations.
Enormous flexibility to configure any size home or facility, visiting providers to day care centers. Add in as many companies and facilities as you need. Keep your business growing by letting DocuWhiz take care of the organization for you.


Flexible reporting engine allows you to create the reports you like or need. Pull the data and metrics that help you make better decisions. From high level facility and category metrics to daily analytics on what is trending in your system.
Communicate securely with your users: caregivers, managers and administrators. DocuWhiz provides a platform for messaging within DocuWhiz, that is secure and always backed up, so you can engage and communicate wherever you are while being HIPPA compliant.
A key pillar to a successful risk management plan is on-going and thorough training, but with demanding daily operations it’s easy to overlook. Track continuing education credits, due dates, fingerprinting deadlines, or anything else associated with your staff. Hold them accountable to their own due dates by including them in the planning and outreach to the appropriate training resource.
Being able to view a month (or other time-frame) of your due dates or upcoming events visually will keep you efficient and stress free. DocuWhiz will automate this, so you don’t have to duplicate between your calendar and your record keeping.
Some state agencies require Care Recipient’s initials and signatures to prove completed ADL assistance. CareWhiz enables the collection of initials and signatures in a simple way. You can produce reports your regulators require or that you want to have on file for yourself.
Are there additional data you want to track on your clients? Add in custom fields, as you need.
Add custom staff fields to customize DocuWhiz to your organization and be in compliance with your specific licensing type.
Provide secure messaging with third parties within the DocuWhiz platform. Take advantage of the ability to forward documentations to vendors, contacts or family members to their email or mobile number, while tracking each interaction. Additionally, you can grant access to specific users to review DocuLogs directly within the system. No more.. “I didn’t receive your message” issues.

Enhanced Modules

Our MedWhiz module is a full feature electronic Medication Administration system with the simplest way for caregivers to digitally initial the MAR. Keep track of inventory, manage medication intake and destruction, get a reminder for medication follow ups, and configure for your facility policies and your care recipients. The MedWhiz eMAR will give clean med-lists and printable MARs for your care business.

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