Simple Beginnings

After 5 years in the residential assisted living world, I realized how unbelievably important it is to document lots and to document well. Yet documenting is frustrating and cumbersome and my caregivers greatly differed in their ability to document well… so I decided to do something about it. Meet DocuWhiz!

As owner, manager, and administrator for a 24/7 multi-location operation, I wear lots of hats… and sometimes, I just want to be a mom… In this litigious world, it’s a struggle to prove that we are working extremely hard to keep our elderly clients safe, happy, and healthy. So DocuWhiz is our solution! Keep track of all the tiny to large details. Enable even your least techy caregiver to produce objective and clear documentation narratives. Turn them into incident reports your regulators want to see with a few clicks. Produce reports that make any attorney walk away, because it’s not worth messing with you!!


Dora Valentin, CEO and co-founder, has extensive experience in managing residential facilities. She gained her experience from California, Arizona, Wisconsin and Nevada. She is passionate about ensuring that her residents feel safe, happy, and healthy. In 2017, she won Best HIRC Home of the Year, from her local association. She is now, along with her business partner, bringing an innovative documentation tool to the long-term care industry, which gathers her direct experience and research into one robust intuitive tool.

Besides creating DocuWhiz, Dora manages the day to day operations of Ace Care Home and serves as a Residential Facility Administrator to a few others. She is an active member of several Nevadan associations and was invited to the board of the Assisted Living Advisory Committee.

Dora is originally from Budapest, Hungary. She earned her BS and her M.Ed. from Arizona State University. She is a mom, a wife, a hiker, essential oil lover and a force for good.